Locate seems more fun

<a href="http://Relocatelocatepexels-photo-408503 (1) map

“Our new business will locate north of the city!”

“I have located my new blog right here!”

“I intend to locate my family here!” This does sound confusing since obviously the family does not exist yet. This suggests discussing this with your spouse first.

Locate sounds exciting. A new challenge opens up. There will be the thrill of new experiences! Great things will be accomplished!

“Our business is relocating.”

“I had to relocate my family.”

Both of these seem like the first location did not work out well enough. Relocating sounds exhausting. Did you have to relocate because your creditors were hot on your trail? Did you relocate your family because you need witness protection?

I feel sorry for relocate. It will never come first like locate always will.

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