Biking Cambodia-Starting in Bangkok

Before heading to Cambodia, we stopped off in Bangkok for a few days. I really enjoy dim sum. Here we have a special treat like a Kinder Surprise Egg. This time its a quail’s egg tucked into the middle of the dumpling. Quite delicious.

The buildings used to be taxed by the amount of footage they took on the front street. Here my friend Brent extends his arms to show how wide our hotel actually is. Everything is still very functional. And adorable.



A mildly driven passion

pexels-photo-216640 (2).jpeg

We like our winters mild since most of us want to avoid a harsh winter.

But to be mild mannered person seems to suggest one without passion. Clark Kent appeared mild mannered just to avoid attention. Would anyone follow a mild-mannered leader into a dramatic corporate restructuring? Into battle?

Some of us like our tacos mild, but give me personal passion anyday. That’s why I admire Americans. So long as no one gets hurt, I admire how they can be truly passionate about whatever it is they are passionate about.

Finding at least one thing you are passionate about can put you in touch with your humanity.


Photo by from Pexels