Brilliant Actions

I have a fond memory of when my boss called me brilliant in a room of people. I had come up with an innovative way to double our matched funds from a particular foundation. Mind you, we all were in a bar. And the room was full, but only one other person was at our table and the rest were dancing. And this was after several rounds of beers and one round of tequila shooters. And this was to raise courage for the flaming sambuca shooters that were just coming.

So this may not have occured during a regular performance review, but I still count it!



Biking Cambodia-Bangkok

Brent  and  I spent a few pleasurable days touring Bangkok.

The chedi, also called stupa or sometimes pagoda is the most important and sacred structure of the wat. The stupas are conical shaped as Budda used cloth material to demonstrate what shape a stupa should take.

The mondop has a square and cubical shaped pavilion with a spired roof. These can be used as a place to store scriptures or objects used in temple ceremonies.

The weather was fantastic.

The faith of the people has definitely helped them through their tough times.