Biking Cambodia-Bangkok Hotels

Brent and I stayed at the Ariyasomvilla, a small lovely hotel near the heart of Bangkok but close to the public transport system.

We used the kind offer of the airport pickup. The drive up to the hotel can give you some misgivings. Very small mechanic garages surround the area. The garages are a wonder to behold since they are the size of single car garages and simply loaded with old parts for something. All the mechanics I saw simply sat on their hunches and worked on small engine parts. If there was any grinding going on, no gloves, no glasses, no concerns.

Plants and trees surrounded the small hotel so basically you were in your own separate world. Breakfast, the first photo, was always a wonder of treats you would not normally see in any North American hotel. We always sat beside the pool since the waterfall was right there.

The trees were very knotted and wonderous. Needless to say, there were orchids everywhere.

The weather co-operated perfectly.


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