Biking Cambodia-Hanoi Stopover

Our bike journey finally starts in Hanoi. We get there a few days early in order to take in the sites. We are bascially in old Hanoi. As you can see, from the rooms, they treat their vistors quite well. The beds were nicely adorned.

The first night we wander over to Hoam Kiem Lake. Lake of the Returned Sword. The lake is one of the major scenic spots and serves as a focal point for social life.

The statue of Ly Thai To is beside the lake and wasthe founder of the Later Ly Dynasty in Vietnam and reigned from 1009 to 1028.

The walking path goes around the entire lake and is a great way to see the night life in the city.

The Agile Body

pexels-photo-356147 (4)I consider my body a temple. Not in a religious sort of way, but in a way that people gather together and exchange things. I may be actually thinking of the bazaar found outside some temples where people exchange money for goods and other services.

As a youth, I spent more time reading than I did playing sports and the like. I didn’t care much for the competitive aspect back then. When I turned 15 I finally started to approach exercise in a serious way. I did a bit of running, but I spent most of my time weightlifting or in the martial arts.

I spent a few months studying judo, but by the end of the class I usually managed a serious headache. I always seemed to have these serious debilitating throbbing headaches. Those thankfully finally stopped by the time I turned 20.

After judo, I found karate more to my liking. Most of time I went to the closest YMCA and studied there for a few years. On occasion, we would all load up to go to central dojo on Main Street. These guys seemed like the masters of old. They all had amazing speed and agility.

I am going to spend the next few days going through some of the various excercise programs.

A bit of weights, running, karate, yoga and finally biking. You have a to keep the body confused at all times.