A negative connotation

toothbrush-toothpaste-dental-care-clean-40798Cavity suggests a negative connotation. Whenever you think about cavity an image or an issue presents itself. The first image includes dental visits. Particularly when I was younger. Back then the drills were run by steel cables. Very Kafkaesque.

Other cavities suggest returning from opium countries. Planes. Searches.

Another major time you think about cavities would be where your organs reside. Normally they resemble a good next door tenant. Quiet, restful,  innocuous. The moment you have to take them aside and tell them to quiet down, well the good relationship starts to deteriorate.


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Biking Cambodia-Hanoi Stopover

Brent and I are just in the process of looking over the courtyard to the entrance of the National University.


We grab one more photo at the entrance to the University.IMG_3762

We leave the grounds and start walking back to our hotel. You can see that the University is completely enclosed by stone walls. We must have looked like we knew what we were doing since we were stopped by other tourists looking for a way in to the University.

Scooter transporst is really the way the majority of people get around in Hanoi. Don’t forget. Don’t show any fear.


Here is an interior shot of the mall I had described earlier. There are numerous car dealerships inside. The pockets of wealth are amazing considering the poverty you see everywhere else.


Stifled Life

Stifle just suggests preventing a natural part of being. Stifling a laugh seems to be the proper thing to do when laughing out loud would be inappropriate. But when you move to stifling growth, it seems to be inappropriate. You move along to stifling your own life, well that seems to be something that we all do but now we are just used to it.

We need to think that we are stifling our lives as if we are stifling laugher. Just think what that would be like if we lived unstifled!

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