I miss astral projection

pexels-photo.jpgAstral refers to the stars and the non-physical realm of existence. One can not help but think of Astral Projection over the ages. The concept of out-of-body experiences forms part of many philosophies and religions over thousands of years. An OBE can take years of practice and study before an individual acquires the capability of doing this. Various forms of yoga claim mediation can allow oneself to leave the body and enter the astral plane. Even the Inuit also claim that some can enter this plane in order to ease difficulties with the hunt.

There is no scientific evidence that this has ever occurred. All of the evidence appears to be anecdotal with a heavy dose of confirmation bias. Researchers saying that people claiming to have left their bodies simply left their minds.

But wouldn’t it be awesome if it were possible. To think that there might actually be something beyond ourselves.

Did you ever think that this happened to you one time? Before you became all rational?

For example there is always that sliver of moment between dream and awake where you can find yourself in a remote location, time, or planet. We wake up and find this did not really happen. I remember being disappointed.

I would start going back to Saturday morning yoga if I thought I could achieve this someday.




via Daily Prompt: Astral

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