Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Everything: You don’t have to have everything, just be one with everything

People pursue three things during their time on earth: Life, Liberty and basically everything else. I have written a narrative nonfiction book which provides a humorous view of society’s desire to pursue happiness and well-being. The book bursts with big ideas on happiness, ethics, thinking, nature, exercise, mindfulness and life. All of this and more can be found within its 81,000 words and no pictures. The footnotes are strictly for fun.

This view includes some common, not so common and sometimes completely random problems facing everyone today. Some people have gone so far as to say the writing reflects brilliance, but they have gone so far away that no one really knows what they meant and where they really are now.

I have a broad educational background including a BSc, LLB, MBA and lastly a LLM emphasizing International Economic Regulation. Truly. I am quite capable of writing on a range of topics with a humorous bent. I have even made NAFTA funny.Some of big questions look like this: Can you fit the meaning of life into a Tattoo?


Avaiable on Amazon here

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