Population dynamics

Last year at the cottage we saw quite a few ground hogs and their young. A number of Richardson ground squirrels finally made an appearance although the environment didn’t seem to be very suitable for them. Of course, the chipmunks were in full force.

We generally have the occasional mouse inside the cottage. Especially during the fall when they are looking for someplace to over winter. The -40 winters in Canada can be particularly harsh.

As the end of summer approaches, I expected to clean up a bit of mouse presence. Or see the chipmunks or squirrels cleaning up the acorns.

It was completely quiet. No sound of rustling leaves beside me.

This morning, while I was having my coffee, this little fellow came bouncing into view. A fine example of a fisher. This likely explains the lack of any other small mammals.

A fisher is generally very secretive. But perhaps considering the amount of prey, and lack of other predators, he felt particularly bold.

I miss the other rodentia, but nature continues.

The early mustelid gets the rodent.



Star Gazing

astronomy-constellation-cosmos-1499629.jpgI spent an hour gazing at the stars tonight. Out at the cabin, the city lights don’t pollute the sky. You can see how the universe could be infinite. A few shooting stars filled the atmosphere with a few more mysteries.

Life out there? Have they ever come here? Did they start the entire life process a few billion years ago?

Apparently one of the lunar landing left a few hundred little water bears behind. Did things start that way? With an origin story like that, few things would be worth fighting over.

#life #motivation

photo by kendall hoopes