Rethinking personal office space

IMG_2334Thinking further about your own personal desk space…

A new study from CTF, Service Research Centre in Karlstad University, Sweden suggests that the more co-workers share a workspace the less satisfied they are and the more difficult it is to have a good dialogue with other staff.

This may have depended on where the studied employees started of course. Anyone with a private office suddenly cast into the open workplace community would be dissatisfied.

We should recall the Hawthorne experiments conducted in the late 20s and early 30s. Here  Western Electric in its factories outside of Chicago in the suburb of Hawthorne conducted various experiments regarding productivity. Hawthorne placed the individual in a social context and suggested that performance is influenced not only by a person’s innate abilities but also by their surrounding environment and colleagues.

The experimenters concluded that it was not so much the change in conditions that mattered, but rather the fact that someone cared about the workplace environment and gave them an opportunity to discuss the.

Staff engagement and an opportunity to have an impact on the workplace remains key in job satisfaction.

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Shiva as Lord of the Dance

img_0266During our time in India, we learned about a number of entities. Shiva constitutes part of a powerful triad of divine engery within the Hindu Religion.

Brahma, the creator

Vishnu, the presever

Shiva, the destroyer.

All things must come to a natural end so that they can begin anew. Shiva is the agent of that change.

Things never end. Just begin anew!


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The circle of desk life.

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I bought this desk 40 years ago almost to the day at consumer depot just as I started law school. Strapped it to the top of my car and drove home. Slowly.

After the three kids used it for their own studies for the past few decades, the kids moved out and the desk finally came back to me today. I now have my own office again. Surrounded by piles of paper.

This brings forward a ton of memories.

Good to be home finally.

Where should I go to now?

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