Those considering retirement: It’s a big world. Step out into it.

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Perhaps sell your expensive place and move someplace cheaper but with a nicer climate. Costa Rica can be beautiful all times of the year. My wife and I, ok just me, would look at each new place we travelled to and ask ourselves what the winter might be like. After all these decades going through Canadian winters, we are looking for a bit of respite.

Another factor to take into account is the number of days of sunshine. Arizona has several cities that top out with the most sunshine. Then you start getting into cities such as Aswan Egypt, Dongola Sudan, Faya Chad, Abu Hamad Sudan and El Paso Texas.
Now, the sunshine is free. Additional sunlight can lead to greater serotonin, and basal cell carcinoma. So there are some tradeoffs. But sunblock can be had along with a nice broad rimmed sun hat. Ditch the baseball cap unless you are actually playing baseball. Those perpendicular surface of the ears can capture a lot of sunlight, so you should keep that in mind.

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