COVID-19 Recovery

pexels-photo-4113084 monaThe last few weeks have not been very pleasant.

I managed to catch the COVID-19 just as I was trying to get out of the US back into Canada. Those last flights were quite packed with everyone in a hurry to get home and a number of flights being cancelled.

So I had the full meal deal. Started with some light coughing, then a bit heavier. Body aches and pains ranged all over. The headaches were not debilitating, and I have had worse. The most unnerving part was the fever. That lasted three days. At that point you know the body is trying to handle something but not quite succeeding.

But for me, the worst part was the sore throat. The last night it kept me up all night from the pain.

After about 10 days, things started to break on their own. I couldn’t tell if the cough was going to deepen or not. It’s kind of like spring, where you can sense it is getting warmer, but sometimes a winter storm still catches you. If the coughing took a turn for the worse, then you knew that it was going to catch some momentum and keep on going.

So, I had the self-isolation for two weeks since we traveled out of the country. the COVID-19 must have incubated for a week, since it took that long to show symptoms. After that, health services put me on two weeks of quarantine. That then gave me another week of self-isolation after the last symptom disappeared.

After four weeks of being house bound, I was allowed to step outside. But by that time, the Gollum personality came out, and I enjoyed being housebound. Ordering in food, working from the house. The best part was not feeling guilty about not doing the outside yard work.

But things have normalized. Feeling better than ever. And although reinfection still appears to be something they are not quite sure about, it is nice to have it over and done with. It’s like making a tough decision that you agonize over. Once it’s done, you are flooded with relief.

I am going to sign up for the plasma antibody donations. They may have found an antiviral, but every little bit helps.

So, I count myself lucky. Keep the faith!


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Yaroslav Danylchenko

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