Retirement needs rebranding. When people asked me when I plan to retire, I told them that I intend a paradigm shift in a year or two. I do not intend to retire from life.

I entered this transitional state where retirement just seems to be on the horizon. This state feels different from working and different from actually being retired. Change can be exciting, so I wrote about my experiences in this changing state of life.

We met up with a couple of long-time friends. Not old friends. Not in their minds. She had retired last year and a work acquaintance asked her what it like going from 60 to 0? I am surprised my friend did not give the person a bit of smack upside of the head and ask what that was like. She only did that figuratively.

Our retired friend has not slowed down. If anything she is moving at the same speed. When we retire, we still go the speed limit, or perhaps a bit faster. We are just on a nicer, less crowded highway.


#retirement #life #inspiration #motivation

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