How to disconnect from work during the holidays.

Another form of cold turkey.

Photo by Pexels

1. Decide that you really want to disconnect and then take action. Thinking without action turns into more regret than just all the sugar cookies.

2. Ensure you really can disconnect. If you are the only one that can sign cheques and you can never leave, then you may have control issues. Delegate.

3. Make sure everyone knows. Not only staff, but family. At least family will call you on it.

4. Manage expectations. Use the autoreply and tell people you are away. This ensures they won’t think you are ignoring them. Well, you are, but you have your reasons.

5. Stop email grazing. Pretty soon you have gone through the entire buffet.

6. Enjoy yourself in other ways. If you don’t know how, then practice now.

Happy holidays!


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