The unstoppable resolutions meet the unmovable realities

Photo by Pexels

Those mighty resolutions start to diminish ever so slowly.

Starting January 1st:

  1. No alcohol this January
  2. No processed foods
  3. Exercise daily
  4. Lose 20 pounds

The next week:

  1. Alcohol only on weekends
  2. Processed foods only when in a hurry
  3. Exercise every other day
  4. Lose 15 pounds

The following week:

  1. Alcohol every other day
  2. Processed foods only when too tired to cook.
  3. Exercise on the weekends
  4. Lose 10 pounds

By the end of the month:

  1. Only one drink at at time
  2. Processed foods cannot be avoided, succumb.
  3. Turn on TV and switch channels manually.
  4. Buy looser fitting clothing
  5. Be content with who and what I am

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