Four helpful vacation hints

Help get away from your home/office office/home

Clark Griswold: “Despite all the little problems it’s fun isn’t it?”
Ellen Griswold: “No. But with every new day, there’s fresh hope.”

National Lampoon’s Vacation

Now that office and home blurred into this wonderous mix of continuous office work and house work, one might wonder about taking a vacation. From which category will have to be left up to you. But there are some definite steps you can take:

  1. Put in an automatic reply that you are on vacation. For the office, go to voice mail and email. For the rest of family you will have to rely upon sticky notes on your door and auto reply on text, in case that is the only way your children now interact with you.
  2. For the office, divert incoming work to a trained associate. For the home, divert laundry to a trained child and just be prepared to live with the results.
  3. For the smaller office, just ensure automatic payments are going for various repetitive expenses. For the home, arrange for a once a week delivery of frozen easily microwavable foodstuffs. And a bottle of chewable vitamins since healthy and microwaveable are rarely in the same sentence on the wrapping.
  4. And for both home and office, get back into things a day before everyone expects you back in order to reduce stress.

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