The Necktie is dead.

Long live the necktie

photo by Pexels

Now that the pandemic existential crisis is coming to an end, and the climate existential crisis never left and is picking up speed, the next crisis will be what to wear to work. Now that employers might have this expectation you actually have to return to a place of employment.

If you picked up the COVID 15 pounds, then what is left in your closet that still fits might be thin. Even if you aren’t any more. But the old standard necktie can still fit so long as it eventually reaches the top of your belt buckle. Although some politicians see fit to wear it longer.

If there was a time to cast aside old customs, then it is time to end the necktie. Shoelaces help keep your shoes on. Belts keep your pants up. Suspenders help you imagine you are Michael Douglas in Wall Street. But ties just seem to hide your shirt buttons and make it awkward to undo that top button. Even if loosening your tie makes you look like you are truly working hard.

The next step will be to rid ourselves of shirts that have collars to hold the tie. This is the first in a series of steps to finally get back to the tee-shirts you have been wearing for the past 18 months.

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