The New Abby Normal

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We live in interesting times.

Will the times ever become less interesting in the future? Doesn’t seem likely.

  1. We have learned how to zoom and Microsoft teams. All those meetings that could have been an email have been revealed for what they truly are. Little black holes where not even the truest wisdom could possibly escape.
  2. Housing prices went through roof. The fear of missing out drove so many into purchasing something they may not live long enough to pay off the mortgage and regret. As Thoreau said, it wasn’t so much that they got the house as the house got them.
  3. All the introverts became ecstatic at being forced to binge watch to their hearts content. They are now dreading having to socialize once again. I’m just saying this because a friend told me.
  4. A lot of people went out and got Covid support pets. We already had two golden retrievers before all this happened. I did splurge and got one more koi for the pond outback. The little guy has taken refuge in the pond filter for the last couple of months. Also binge watching I suspect. He will not be happy come fall when everyone comes back in the aquarium to overwinter.
  5. Time will tell if we see a lot of Covid children. If anything, there might be a pullback since few people are entering into new relationships. There may be less tension in the air since people have a reason not to keep entering the dating scene. Few people really regret binge watching. It’s more of a humble brag when they do mention it.

Keep living the Covida Loca!

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