Don’t dread eating tomorrow’s frog

If your job is to eat a live frog, then best to do it first thing in the morning. If your job is to eat two frogs, then start with the biggest one. This is the wise collective wisdom of productivity managers and of course Mark Twain.

This provides a great example of why people procrastinate and perhaps a way to cope with it. This leads into why people procrastinate at all. You can understand why people might dread eating a cold frog in the morning as opposed to a warmed-up frog in the afternoon.

The New Yorker gave an interesting analysis of time. It’s only during the 3 seconds that you can sing “Hey Jude” that you can really perceive what is happening. Everything after that window is simply the past, and everything before it is simply the future. The New Yorker analyzes some thinkers on the subject that suggest you weigh the past, present and future time equally.

Why dread eating that future frog when you likely no longer dread eating that past frog. Neither are in the moment. So, you are better off living in the moment and perhaps only dreading that next bite of frog in front of you and leaving the dread of tomorrow’s frog in the future instead.

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