Quiet Quitting

This sounds like a relatively new phenomena where employees simply do the bare minimum. But the quitting part sounds like employees are not fulfilling their job description or their objectives. Quiet Quitting Employees (QQE’s) are not actually quitting anything it seems.

Instead, this describes a lack of engagement with their organization. This issue sounds like the same issue organizations faced for generations.

Back in the day, the solution we told our children was to follow their bliss as suggested by Joseph Campbell. Before this concept, those in HR departments recommended Maslow’s hierarchy of needs where self-actualization was rated the top need. And even before this Jung suggested individuation which is to self-realize with the aim of moving toward psychological wholeness.

At least to me, QEE does not sound like a new problem. But there have been various new causes such as COVID which broke apart the social structures of countless organizations.

For 2023, here are the top five methods to increase employee engagement by increasing:

  1. Efficiency. Better technology and project management can reduce wasted time which increases frustration.
  2. Communication. Not more communication, but information that can draw staff in further.
  3. Recognition. This captures the standard advice of catching the employee doing something good.
  4. Work Flexibility. Virtual work is the way to go COVID. Employee expectation now includes the partial ability to work at home.
  5. Intrinsic Motivation. The above extrinsic motivators work towards the gold standard of intrinsic motivation.

Have a great 2023 Everyone!

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