Developing New Year Corporate Resolutions

Did you make your own personal resolution for 2023? Lose weight? Exercise More? Tik Tok less?

For Profit Corporations are supposed be treated like persons also. Albeit soulless and immortal. Perhaps they could make their own resolutions. And I don’t mean the type of resolutions appointing auditors for the new year. I mean resolutions that can cause real positive change.

After working in the not-for-profit charitable sector for over 32 years, I am hoping Corporations might do their own bit and work more for the social good.

  1. Allow their own staff to volunteer for charitable organizations.
  2. Incorporate real ESG goals into their financial reporting.
  3. Internalize external costs to the environment. If you are damaging the environment in some fashion, then step up and stop foisting these costs onto society at large.
  4. Stop greenwashing. What goes around comes around. Trying to artificially green up your brand will eventually cause your credibility to take a major hit. Eventually.
  5. Embrace the low carbon economy. Eventually, high carbon economics will be phased out. And an innovative company would not want to be stuck on a high carbon intensity business plan and stranded on a slowly diminishing iceberg. Literally and figuratively.
  6. Focus on reducing the rate of climate change instead of focusing on mitigating the effects of climate change which simply allow business as usual.

So, here’s looking forward to 2023 instead out looking for 2023.

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