New Delhi


In Langar Hall, Gurdwara Bangla Sahib at Connaught Place in New Delhi, we were able to witness the charitable work that is carried on.
Huge cauldrons are used to provide food for the thousands of people that come through the hall.
No tables or chairs. People sit on the floor. Hundreds more sit outside waiting their turn.

Mushroom Heaven


Managed to see more mushrooms near Lake Winnipeg than I have for a while. Shown above, I came across a nice family of Bolets. Fried up these are great with steaks. Without my in house medical and risk officer nearby, I demurred from eating any this weekend.



The others I came across appeared rather toxic, although lovely to look at. These fungi of course play an integral role with the ecosystem.

MacDonalds in Thailand


A wai communicates a customary greeting in Thailand. The palms of the hands are momentarily pressed together in a prayer-like gesture with fingers pointing upwards, usually close to the chest, and the head slightly bowed.

The quick movement provides a deeply ingrained meaning. You receive a wai wherever you go and whomever you meet.

The Wai is a greeting and a way of saying goodbye. The wai shows a sign of respect and  used instead of the traditional Western handshake or a wave. A wai says thanks, understanding of a situation or person, and a way to apologize. Thais wai to temples, important monuments.

I have to acknowledge MacDonalds’ attempts to fit in with the local culture. But the juxaposition of the colors, solemn stance with the clown smile just don’t seem to fit together.


Those considering retirement: It’s a big world. Step out into it.

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Perhaps sell your expensive place and move someplace cheaper but with a nicer climate. Costa Rica can be beautiful all times of the year. My wife and I, ok just me, would look at each new place we travelled to and ask ourselves what the winter might be like. After all these decades going through Canadian winters, we are looking for a bit of respite.

Another factor to take into account is the number of days of sunshine. Arizona has several cities that top out with the most sunshine. Then you start getting into cities such as Aswan Egypt, Dongola Sudan, Faya Chad, Abu Hamad Sudan and El Paso Texas.
Now, the sunshine is free. Additional sunlight can lead to greater serotonin, and basal cell carcinoma. So there are some tradeoffs. But sunblock can be had along with a nice broad rimmed sun hat. Ditch the baseball cap unless you are actually playing baseball. Those perpendicular surface of the ears can capture a lot of sunlight, so you should keep that in mind.



“German Beer Purity Law”

I loved the simplicity of regulations limiting the ingredients in beer in Germany. Bavaria adopted the law in 1516 which stated that the only ingredients that could be used in the production of beer were water, barley and hops. The law did not mention yeast as an ingredient, since its existence was not yet known.

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Budweiser Wars

Copy of DSCN1185.JPGDuring our river cruise through Germany, we learned the  Budweiser trademark dispute between two beer companies (from the Czech Republic and the United States). Both claiming trademark and geographic origin rights to the name “Budweiser”.  This involved more than 100 court cases around the world. Budweiser Budvar uses the name Budweiser in most of Europe and Anheuser-Busch InBev has this right in North America. AB InBev uses “Bud” in most of Europe and Budvar sells North America under the name “Czechvar”.

Great beer! Great compromising!

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