Work Buddhism

sunset june 17When mediating at your chair on deck causes the stress the mediation is attempting to alleviate, then I suggest Work Buddhism.

  1. Right vision of the nature of reality. Unless you have managed to follow your bliss, life will continue to be ‘work’. Life was not meant to be painless. Accepting this fact gives you a better sense of controlling what you can control, and realizing that there are somethings you simply cannot control. So get one of those remote drones you can control.


  1. Right attitude. Use your emotional intelligence to understand that some retired folks may be jerks and may continue to be that way. Learn the work arounds. Life consists mainly of your attitude on how you deal with life’s continuing series of upsets. Do not use the remote drone to crash into the obnoxious neighbour. Just visualize it.


  1. Right speech. Speak truth to power. Understand there are other perspectives and respect them. Just don’t turn your back to them.


  1. Right Action. Be ethical in all your dealings. You can talk as much as you want, but your actions ultimately determine the type of person you have become. Don’t be the jerk noted in 2 above.


  1. Right livelihood. This follows the principal of non-exploitation. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated. Refer to item 4 for further elaboration.


  1. Right effort. A path of wholeness. A Conscious evolution. Even if you don’t understand how your retirement matters, it matters to someone. Even if it’s eventually just yourself. Be the best of what you do.


  1. Right mindfulness. Train yourself to fully aware of things, oneself, feelings and reality. Become fully aware of all the great things you are doing. It all matters. Be mindful of the jerks in 2, but don’t lease any more space in your mind to them.


  1. Right focus. Literally to be on a single object. If you think you are good at multitasking, go back to 1 and just accept you aren’t.


Being clear minded on all things allows the stressors to drop off. Work shall continue to be work like. If you allow yourself to still become the person you wanted to be, the Zen emerges.


[1] With great apologies to the eightfold path of traditional Buddhism.

Artifically Intelligent Persons (continued 6)

artificial-intelligence-electronics-future-2599244 (1)The European Committee on Legal Affairs suggests an ethical framework of beneficence, non-maleficence and autonomy, and Fundamental Rights, such as human dignity and human rights, equality, justice and equity, non-discrimination and non-stigmatisation, autonomy and individual responsibility, informed consent, privacy and social responsibility. Whether these ethics and fundamental rights will be offered to AIPs remains unclear, but sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.


Natural people tend to anthropomorphize animals and objects, and this tendency may provide greater rights to AIPs. Do you feel bad if your kitchen table ensnares your Roomba? Would you feel even worse if it was trapped and you had earlier placed googley eyes on the Roomba? If so, then you would likely agree that AIPs are entitled to receive ethical and compassionate treatment. But would they need it, or are we simply making ourselves feel better? hashtag

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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Everything!

Pursuing self-actualization. How can you motivate yourself to be the best you can be? Everyone wonders about how we can be better at what we do. Some focus on the mind, some on the body, and some on the spirit. Having an idea on what these objectives might look like can motivate you towards achieving these goals.
Gary Goodwin takes a humorous look at what motivates people. Can you cram the meaning of life into a tattoo? Is hell really someone eating fast food beside you in a theater? Is the pursuit of happiness really a trap? Find out the answers, or at least some thoughts about the answers along with more questions in Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Everything by Gary Goodwin, the Untethered Lawyer
The book bursts with big ideas on happiness, ethics, thinking, nature, exercise, mindfulness and life. The footnotes are strictly for fun. This view includes some common, not so common and sometimes completely random problems facing everyone today.

Free on Amazon for Kindle this Friday till Sunday.

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Population dynamics

Last year at the cottage we saw quite a few ground hogs and their young. A number of Richardson ground squirrels finally made an appearance although the environment didn’t seem to be very suitable for them. Of course, the chipmunks were in full force.

We generally have the occasional mouse inside the cottage. Especially during the fall when they are looking for someplace to over winter. The -40 winters in Canada can be particularly harsh.

As the end of summer approaches, I expected to clean up a bit of mouse presence. Or see the chipmunks or squirrels cleaning up the acorns.

It was completely quiet. No sound of rustling leaves beside me.

This morning, while I was having my coffee, this little fellow came bouncing into view. A fine example of a fisher. This likely explains the lack of any other small mammals.

A fisher is generally very secretive. But perhaps considering the amount of prey, and lack of other predators, he felt particularly bold.

I miss the other rodentia, but nature continues.

The early mustelid gets the rodent.



Freestyle Sculpture


When travelling though India this year, we came across countless freestanding electrical wires. For a the briefest moment, I thought this was a type of modern sculpture.

India is in the process of modernizing just about everything. It seems that they are working on somethings, stop, and then work somewhere else. Another 5 years and the place will be pretty much amazing.

Everyone is an entrepreneur in some way or another. The world’s largest democracy will soon become the largest economy.