Biking Cambodia

We spent a few days exploring Bangkok. The temples are amazing. A great way to see a lot of the city would be walking down to the river and taking one of the tour boats. This allows you to wander around and get on and off as reguired.

Thailand is primarily a buddist nation, and there are shrines to Hindu deities. One seen and easily recognisable is Ganesh (Ganesha), the elephant-headed god usually referred to in Thai as Phra Phikanet. Ganesh is known as the remover of obstacles and Thai Buddhists make an offering to a Ganesh shrine when starting out on a new venture.

Biking Cambodia-Bangkok Night life

We did a bit of wandering one night. The multicolored street night life was quite exotic. And agressive. I had to disentangle myself several times from the various people that would not take no for an answer.

We eventually had to get out of there intact and get back on to the main street. This was a bit more calm with some nice music and of course the local beer.

Biking Cambodia-Starting in Bangkok

Before heading to Cambodia, we stopped off in Bangkok for a few days. I really enjoy dim sum. Here we have a special treat like a Kinder Surprise Egg. This time its a quail’s egg tucked into the middle of the dumpling. Quite delicious.

The buildings used to be taxed by the amount of footage they took on the front street. Here my friend Brent extends his arms to show how wide our hotel actually is. Everything is still very functional. And adorable.