Biking Cambodia-Hanoi Stopover

Brent and I are just in the process of looking over the courtyard to the entrance of the National University.


We grab one more photo at the entrance to the University.IMG_3762

We leave the grounds and start walking back to our hotel. You can see that the University is completely enclosed by stone walls. We must have looked like we knew what we were doing since we were stopped by other tourists looking for a way in to the University.

Scooter transporst is really the way the majority of people get around in Hanoi. Don’t forget. Don’t show any fear.


Here is an interior shot of the mall I had described earlier. There are numerous car dealerships inside. The pockets of wealth are amazing considering the poverty you see everywhere else.


Biking Cambodia-Hanoi Stopover

Our bike journey finally starts in Hanoi. We get there a few days early in order to take in the sites. We are bascially in old Hanoi. As you can see, from the rooms, they treat their vistors quite well. The beds were nicely adorned.

The first night we wander over to Hoam Kiem Lake. Lake of the Returned Sword. The lake is one of the major scenic spots and serves as a focal point for social life.

The statue of Ly Thai To is beside the lake and wasthe founder of the Later Ly Dynasty in Vietnam and reigned from 1009 to 1028.

The walking path goes around the entire lake and is a great way to see the night life in the city.

Biking Cambodia-Walk, boat, train


We used a number of ways to get around Bangkok. Taking a train down to the waterfront was a nice way to see the inner parts of the city. The main idea was to get down to the ferry system.

The Chao Phraya River has a number of attractions right along the river bank. Using the ferry system I found was the best way to see Bangkok from a bit of a distance. The various temples stand out.

The ferry system is very much like a hop on hop off type of tourist bus system. The cost is minimal, but you have to learn the various types of ferries. You can hop onto to a direct ferry that may not stop at the various stops you were hoping for. The ferries do fly the various flags that give you a sense where they might be going and if they are coming for you.

We waited at one stop for a particularly long time till we decided to take another ferry across the river to access a more central ferry depot. Don’t hesitate to experiment. Its only a river.

We found this to be a great way to access the main temples we were interested in.

Biking Cambodia-Bangkok

Brent  and  I spent a few pleasurable days touring Bangkok.

The chedi, also called stupa or sometimes pagoda is the most important and sacred structure of the wat. The stupas are conical shaped as Budda used cloth material to demonstrate what shape a stupa should take.

The mondop has a square and cubical shaped pavilion with a spired roof. These can be used as a place to store scriptures or objects used in temple ceremonies.

The weather was fantastic.

The faith of the people has definitely helped them through their tough times.