Biking Cambodia-Starting in Bangkok

Before heading to Cambodia, we stopped off in Bangkok for a few days. I really enjoy dim sum. Here we have a special treat like a Kinder Surprise Egg. This time its a quail’s egg tucked into the middle of the dumpling. Quite delicious.

The buildings used to be taxed by the amount of footage they took on the front street. Here my friend Brent extends his arms to show how wide our hotel actually is. Everything is still very functional. And adorable.



Biking Cambodia


The past year went by fast. My friend and I spent two weeks biking in Cambodia and Vietnam. The people were fantastic. The food was also incredible. There is little refrigeration, so everything had to be fresh.

The BackRoads group put together a great tour for the seven of us. Here we are passing by a portion of the wall surrounding Angkor Wat.

Biking is a great way to get in touch with the area and the culture. We have another tour coming up perhaps in Death Valley. This will be quite the transition, but a great way to break up the winter.



Here we are receiving a cermonial blessing by the Monks. It must have been well water. It was extremely cold and refreshing.


I’m the closest person.