Biking Cambodia-Hanoi Stopover

We continued our visit at the National University. We entered the fourth courtyard and the altar to Confucius shown here. I have added the plaque which gives a good outline as to how kind and clever the gentleman was.


The turtles outside the altar are associated with the graduates of the University. The golden turtle below can be found right beside Confucius. I did some research and there are plenty of photos of the golden turtle but I did not find its direct association. So I can only assume it may celebrate the Confucius students that first accompanied him in his travels.IMG_3748

Biking Cambodia-Hanoi Stopover





Here we are at the National University, Quoc Tu Giam. Established in 1076. The Temple of Literature refers to the Temple of Confucius. Very serene.

The plaque describes some of the activities. Second photo is one of the Khue Van Pavilion leading to the second courtyard.

My friend is in front of the Third Courtyard of the temple with the Thien Quang well.

Turtle Steles lists names of graduates.



Biking Cambodia-Hanoi Stopover

Our bike journey finally starts in Hanoi. We get there a few days early in order to take in the sites. We are bascially in old Hanoi. As you can see, from the rooms, they treat their vistors quite well. The beds were nicely adorned.

The first night we wander over to Hoam Kiem Lake. Lake of the Returned Sword. The lake is one of the major scenic spots and serves as a focal point for social life.

The statue of Ly Thai To is beside the lake and wasthe founder of the Later Ly Dynasty in Vietnam and reigned from 1009 to 1028.

The walking path goes around the entire lake and is a great way to see the night life in the city.