A Glass of Christmas Cheer with that ad?

ryan-reynolds-peloton-wife-aviation-gin-commercial-videoBy now a lot of you will have seen the new ad for Aviation American Gin, which actor Ryan Reynolds owns a stake in and promotes. This ad was in apparent response to the Peloton Bike ad. If you have not seen either ad, check them out first, then come right back. Start with the stationary bicycle, end with the gin ad.


There is so much going on here. Giving your spouse an exercise bike for Christmas ranks up there with giving a vacuum cleaner. One time I did give my wife a gas-powered chipper/shredder for her birthday. But she is an avid gardener, and she specifically requested it. And she specifically requested that I operate it. It’s not Fargo-sized, so I wasn’t concerned there.


Full disclosure: I am a big Ryan Reynolds fan. I am sure I have seen Green Lantern more times than Ryan has. Deadpool would be my favorite Christmas movie if it had anything to do with Christmas.


Anyway, getting back to the gin ad, we see the same woman from the Peloton bike ad sitting at a bar with two married girlfriends. She appears to be in some sort of a daze as she stares into the camera. This must, in theory, be a year later, since it is Christmas once again. Fuzzy tree in the background is accompanied by tinny Christmas sounds.


She manages to down a gin martini in one long continuous draw as she toasts to new beginnings. Her friends seen somewhat concerned, but they still slide over another martini. This is somewhat humorous, but this could be seen as enabling. (When we speak of enabling, this always has a negative connotation.)


Of course being lawyers, we like to take the fun out of everything. Some people suggest the term ‘eviscerate’ as being more appropriate, but they are being overly dramatic.


I could not remember the last time I actually saw someone drink alcohol in an ad. True, the Aviation American Gin ad was on Instagram, but still, there are undoubtedly some guidelines here. So, speaking of fun evisceration, I came across the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s Code for broadcast advertising of alcoholic beverages. After a glass of wine.


Social morals seems to swirl around a bit, but the code dates back to Aug. 1, 1996 and may be in need of a refresh. (At least the World Wide Web had been around for five years when the Code being established.)


The Code starts off well enough by declaring that commercial messages for alcoholic beverages shall not “attempt to establish the product as a status symbol, a necessity for the enjoyment of life or an escape from life’s problems.” Near the end of the gin commercial we see that Peloton Wife does not appear to be wearing a wedding ring, suggesting that her marriage to her husband is over. She seems to be turning to alcohol to dull that experience and to escape the reality of her situation. This scene appears to contravene the Code.


The Code then states that messages shall not “portray any such product, or its consumption, in an immoderate way,” nor “urgency of need or urgency of use.” Downing a martini in one go most likely qualifies as such, along with the woman’s friend passing over another martini. Even as Peloton Wife relates that “this gin is really smooth.”


Perhaps the section of the Code that is breached most convincingly here is the one that stipulates messages should not “contain scenes in which any such product is consumed, or that give the impression, visually or in sound, that it is being or has been consumed.” In this ad we have two actresses pictured sipping gin martinis while the third downs hers in one go.


For the purposes of pure research I looked over other liquor ads on Instagram. I didn’t come across any free coupon advertising, but otherwise it was very instructive. The Jack Daniel’s ad likely has the highest visibility, with the most “influencers.” I had to look this up since I didn’t know that was a thing. “Influencers” are evidently users that employ your brand hashtag and who have very high numbers of followers.


In the Jack Daniel’s ads there are no real dramatic moments, and in only one instance does somebody have a glass travelling toward their mouth. We would assume that it would bounce harmlessly off of their closed lips, since everyone else is evidently completing abstaining and holding glasses of ice to heal their hand after turning the fire log.


Even more instructive is that other liquor manufacturers all use the ‘Please drink responsibly’ words at the ends of their ads. The Aviation American Gin ad does not see the need to include that. And you can’t blame them, since a disclaimer like that would be in harsh juxtaposition to what the ad is portraying.


I would suggest watching the two ads in quick sequence before they are removed. After all, a naughty/nice list of code violations may be being compiled soon.


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Zealously Jealous

adult-affair-beautiful-289224 jealous.jpgI found it interesting that the word zealous automatically made me think of the word jealous. One is a very positive action, while the other is very negative emotion.

You could have someone that was zealously jealous. Taking extreme actions to express their emotionally jealousy.

But I am not sure you could have someone that was jealously zealous. This seems that someone is still showing zealous actions but expressing in a jealous way.

I would suggest avoiding both types of person as being somewhat unbalanced.





abstract-art-blur-bright-373543.jpgI was just reading a posting from Ramblings from Retirement which I just re-posted below. So many things struck home. His comment about how tea came in one flavour, tea flavour. My favorite was some of the difficulties in connecting his new type of TV to his system.

My favorite tea is now a white tea called Buddha’s blend. A series of different flavours combined with things that were never considered tea in the past.

I realized that life now comes with a lot more in the way of instructions than it ever did before. That level of complexity appears to be necessary in order to achieve this retiring life of simplicity we are now aiming for. Thoreau said ‘simplify, simplify, but I don’t think we can get there from here anymore.


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True Regret

Gulab-Jamun-Wallpaper-1080p-1024x575We just came back from our favorite Indian restaurant here in Winnipeg. My favorite deserts are the gulab jamum.

Here, milk and cheese solids are prepared by heating milk till the water content has evaporated. The remaining milk solids, known as khoya are kneaded into a dough, with a small amount of flour. They are shaped into small heavenly balls and deep-fried in oil or ghee till they get to a golden brown color. The fried balls are then soaked in a light sugar syrup  and flavored with green cardamon.

Rare is the time that I eat so much that I begin to hate myself. But after finishing a few gulab jamun, I began hating the happy couple beside us.


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Still young inside


Think back to your first gig starting out in whatever you were doing.

Circa 1982. First moot court. Complete with long hair and mustache. The cheek protector glasses that darkened automatically when you went outside. Blue pin stripe with vest. Classic.

We all still have that youngster inside of us.

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Over the hill but picking up speed

couple elderly man old
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We met up with a couple of long-time friends. Not old friends. Not in their minds. She had retired last year and a work acquaintance asked her what it like going from 60 to 0? I am surprised my friend did not give the person a bit of smack upside of the head. She only did that figuratively.

When we retire, we still go the speed limit, or perhaps a bit faster. We are just on a nicer, less crowded highway.

Before Meat

beef-beef-chuck-beef-steak-1539684Ok. I had to look into this further as to why Tim Hortons dropped beyond beef.

I can understand the need to make a Pea Protein Isolate look like beef in order to entice the non-belivers to give it a try. The beet juice extract for that rich blood like color had me sold.

When eating beet salads, just be wary of the next morning constitutional when it might look like you have a bleeding ulcer when you are actually trying to do the right thing.

Their website has a nice breakdown of what they do to make it look like meat. So good on them to entice people over to the kinder side of life.

Water, Pea Protein Isolate*, Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, Refined Coconut Oil, Rice Protein, Natural Flavors, Cocoa Butter, Mung Bean Protein, Methylcellulose, Potato Starch, Apple Extract, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Vinegar, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Sunflower Lecithin, Pomegranate Fruit Powder, Beet Juice Extract (for color).

A little laid back research did not tell me why they dropped it. Just didn’t attact a sufficent market perhaps. Perhaps Vegan people don’t like mass produced coffee.

I did have one thought of the product name, Beyond Meat. Usually the peas and other plants go into the animals before they are slaughtered. So a more appropriate name would ‘Before Meats’.

Just a thought.beef-beef-chuck-beef-steak-1539684

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