A gorged gourge


An ice gorge blocked the gorge.

He gorged upon the gorge.

The artificial gorge in the gorge made his gorge rise.

I never realized how versatile this word gorge could be. What were your first thoughts about this?

If you just finished losing the weight from the US thanksgiving, then you were already primed for the gluttonous gorge.

If you just finished vacationing in a natural area, then you likely thought of the river gorge.

If someone just pissed you off at work, then you likely thought of the anger gorge.

Your most recent experiences likely primed you for what direction to take this latest prompt. I became immediately torn as to what direction to take this latest suggestion.

On Saturday I ate way too much of the wonderful ground turkey pasta sauce I made. But on Tuesday, I researched a walking tour through the grand canyon. I haven’t been angry for at least a month. So my recent history did not prime me in a certain direction.

Your recent past can easily sway what you think now. What you write can show your inner self.

My inner self, as per usual, wants to go in various directions at once. This almost sounds like it is confused. So it goes.